Benefits to you

Starting a new job!

If you are new to me, the best way to hire your virtual assistant is to contact me by phone or to drop a quick email with a contact number so that I may phone you back at your convenience. I will then discuss the job and provide a quotation and estimated completion time.

Once you are used to my service you can provide details of work tasks by phone, post, email and/or file transfer depending on what is the best means of communication.

Delivery Times!

When receiving the job from yourself, I will agree an estimate delivery time once the work has been looked at and a time can then be agreed.

Special Rates & Packages!

I like to offer a personal service and I realise that different clients need a different mix of support and service. I are always willing to discuss jobs, delivery schedules and negotiate rates that are beneficial to both parties so please get in touch to discuss them.

Any work (or part there-of) undertaken outside of our normal business hours will be subject to my out-of-hours rate.

Any urgent work can depending on workload be given priority and will be subject to our Urgent Jobs payment.


I will at all times keep your data secure and at no time will it be discussed with third parties unless required as part of the task and agreed beforehand by the client.